What’s The Perfect Home?

Do you remember the drawings of your childhood that used to depict a home? Most children tend to draw a family home with a front entry doors, two windows and a chimney on the roof, even though this might not be what they visualise when they think of the perfect home. Psychologists agree that the childish representation of a home is often inspired by the desire to humanise the drawing, which is why the house can remind a face. But you’re an adult now, and it’s time to ask yourself what your ideal home looks like.

A luxury mansion is a dream come true 

If you picture a tall gate that opens on a large villa surrounded by a green and lush garden, you might want to take a look at the various properties from William Pitt Sotheby’s real estate agency. There is no denying that your dream home may not be an affordable project for now. However, you’ll be more likely to make your dream come true if you understand what you want and how much it can cost.

A home that is made just for you

If you’re a naturally creative person, you may imagine the perfect home in precise details, from the shape and design of your rooms to the building material used. If your criteria list is too detailed, it can be tricky to find an existing house that fits the bill. Instead, you may prefer starting a building project that makes your vision come true. Admittedly, building a home is an expensive project; however, it’s an investment that is guaranteed to meet your requirements.

A quiet and off-the-grid home

Why do more and more people want to leave the modern lifestyle of cities behind to pick an off-the-grid home? Living off-the-grid means that you don’t rely on traditional electricity and water management networks. Instead, you need to build your generator and set a sustainable electricity system inside your own home. For many homeowners, it’s a matter of designing a sustainable environment for themselves and their children. Indeed, the grid can only offer so much in terms of green energy. Environmentally-aware homeowners prefer to take the matter in their own hands.

A place you’ve tamed over time

Buying an existing property that didn’t quite match your expectations is a little like taming a wild animal. It takes a lot of effort to understand each other. You need to follow their rules and learn from your mistakes to adjust your behaviour. But in the long term, you develop a unique relationship. Through DIY improvements, renovation works, decor additions, and the instauration of an everyday routine, you gradually move through the taming process and make a home out of your house.

A smart home that runs itself 

In the 21st century, you want a home that can run itself, using motion sensors to turn the lights on and temperature sensors to adjust the thermostat and the window shades. An automated household that works for you and your family is maybe what the house of the future looks like.

Your dream home matches your personality, whether you want something big and exuberant, or whether you’re a nature lover who wants to leave a green mark on the planet. Your perfect home is the best version of yourself.

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