What’s The Perfect Rainy Afternoon?

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Well, isn’t this a perfect little blog prompt for the monsoon that we are experiencing in India at the moment. My state, Kerala, is “enjoying” it’s heaviest monsoon season in 5 years. Atleast that’s what the papers said a few days ago but I think since then it has gotten even heavier and this certainly is one of the coldest, with somewhat chilling winds, that I can remember. Brrrr as I shiver in the cold and wrap a thicker sheet around me to keep me warm.

How would a perfect rainy afternoon be like? Simple, hot food with some rice or fresh bread or noodles. Some thick spicy fish or chicken curry or maybe the fried variations of them. Alternate with pork chops or ham slices. Maybe pipping hot boiled veggies, some salad or lentils. Long big dinner sitting in front of the tv and chewing while I watch the rain pouring down through my windows or the balcony door. The heat coming in from the delicious food should be more than enough to keep me warm.

Belly full, it will be back to the bedroom to wrap my self in thick sheets or a blanket and select a movie to watch as I laze in bed. Movie should be fast paced, action filled and engrossing as other wise I would be liable to fall asleep and snore in the breeze. Once the movie is over maybe pop in a few episodes of one of my favourite sit coms or take a light snooze for an hour or so. At 5pm, the sweet smells of a hot coffee should wake up my senses as I go get my evening fix.

Simple as that!

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