What’s The Story Morning Glory?

This morning right after breakfast I walked over to main road to buy some medicines for my mom who wasn’t feeling well for the past couple of days due to a bad cough and she needs meds, anti-biotics and cough syrup. And I also needed to encash a check at the Fderal Bank which is right on the opposite side of the road from the medical store. So I changed to trousers and a shirt and walked over. It’s a hot day and I’m sweating badly and the road is crowded (there’s a college near my building) and I’m thirsty and hot. I reach the medical store and place my order and I’m just standing there waiting for my purchases. And this guy in his late 40s who I always see around the area but don’t know him well enough, like I don’t know his name or where he stays or what he does, comes by. And he asks me this annoying question with a real irritating laugh.

Bear in mind that I’m not in a good mood and I don’t like this fellow but he did ask a stupid question; “hey what are you doing here?” No, I usually try to be polite but in my current condition I’m not really civil. I pretend to not hear the question and just nod & smile in his general direction. You’d think the dude would get the hint but he is persistent. “You’ve come here to buy medicines?”!!! I lost it and replied “No, I’m planning to board the train that stops right here. Are you going to (insert a city name here) as well?” The guy looks at me as if I just handed him a bucket of blood & guts. The two people behind the counter of the medical store who had heard this are hiding their laughter and holding stuff in front of their faces. I looked at the dude again and laughed and as I paid for the medicines, I said “Oops! I don’t have enough money for the ticket. I’m going across the road to the bank. Do me a  favour, if the train comes, hold it until I get back”!

And with that I walked across the street and went into the bank with the guy watching my every move. When I came out he was no where to be seen ofcourse. Ask a stupid question and you shall receive your just deserts!

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