What’s Worse: A Noisy Or Messy Roommate?

Well I’m messy although yes I do clean up once in a while and are by no means a complete slop. It’s not like you will find animals raised in my room or mold & stuff growing around. It’s more like my room is messy, I have books and stuff lying on my bed and until I put dirty clothes for washing, they tend to lie in a pile on my floor. And dusty; some of my stuff tends to get very dusty unless I use it frequently. Nothing like that girl who Ross dates for a bit who is extremely messy, played by Rebecca Romijn.

So now back to our topic – is it tougher living with someone who is messy or someone who is noisy? Too bad I can’t have a mix of them where they aren’t too messy and not too loud either. But think about it someone who is too noisy might not be too bad unless they are some kind of religious nut who reads from some book totally ignoring the privacy of others. I lived in this lodge, Kallai Everrest Lodge, in Calicut for 1 month and one of my floormates woke up everyone around 5 am every single day by his loud chanting from the gita. The rest of us hated the sonofabitch and one morning I had to restrain myself from going to his room, grabbing the fucker by the collar, taking that book and shoving it up his arsehole!

So noisy is worse? What about messy? What is there’s shit stains on the wall and urine sprayed outside the bathroom cause he/she just could’t hold it in. I remember going to a room where the guys had a sheet with vomit on it folded and tucked under the bed! Gross and they had lots of cigarette ashes all over the floor. I became sick not long after I go there.

I really can’t say. Can’t I get someone who is cleaner and less noisier than me?

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