What’s Wrong With You?

I’m a little worried about the youth of Kerala. I’m pretty sure that other states & countries as a whole must have similar problems but this is looking out of control. For the record let me say that I am 34 years old and will soon turn 35 in less than 6 weeks. The demographic that I am talking about is the lower middle class, middle class and some of the upper class. I’m less worried about the 3rd group as they seem to have enough money to take care of their issues and plus their folks will also ensure that the status quo is met.

At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy-duddy (I wish I knew what this term means) I am actually scared at the grooming of the youth of Kerala. There seems to be some problem somewhere and I wish we could all join together and get to the bottom of things. As I type this I can see a group of 6 guys from the windows of the cafe that I am in. They are on the side street next to a building complex car & bike parking area and sitting on 3 bikes and smoking. Well 4 of them are sitting on the bikes and smoking, 2 others are standing near them and chatting with this chick. 4 of the guys look – well if I use the word disheveled, the meaning of the word would get upset at me! One of the dude looks like he put his t-shirt & jeans in a washing machine, along with dirt, muddy water and manure instead of clean, warm water & detergent.

His friend looks like his head was used to clean the toilet – that hair has got to be toxic at the least! The rest have some sort of facial growth on their faces – half of their face are full grown goatees and half 4-5 day old stubble. Is this what is considered cool these days? That and smelling like the last day that they took a bath was a decade ago. If I were their father I would grab them by the scruff of the neck, fill a tub with water & Dettol, dunk them in for a day atleast and get some people to use brushes on them and then a haircut and a shave! A proper shave.

This whole unshaven look seems to have also hit the movie industry. On Sunday night, while having dinner, my parents were watching a movie awards show. Most of the male actors were unshaven – full mustaches but atleast 5-7 days worth of stubble. Is this suddenly so cool that even they must stoop to wear their facial hair like this? And it’s not the actors under 30 or even under 40 – even the above 50 superstars sported these so called ‘beards’!

And is there some rule that if you are under the age of 25, you must wear your shirt with the top two buttons off? Everywhere I turn I see these buggers dressed like this; going to colleges, to the movies, to parties, hanging with their friends etc. Don’t let them in public places dressed like that. Also some of these morons like to show off their underwear – they wear these baggy pants or low waist stuff and flash you their underwear. Some cops have been nabbing youths at bus stands if they seem to be showing their undergarments and I think it’s a good thing. Fine them a little and maybe they will change their ways.

In my previous office we’d get call center agents coming in unshaven, sporting 5 day stubble on their faces or worse – with what looks like a bee hive on their chins! You know what I’m talking about; it’s no mustaches but a big growth of hair on the chin. And they’d wear stupid pants that are on the verge of falling down. There atleast I’d throw  them out of training and push them towards the HR & Recruitment desks. In my current office atleast the guys are all decently groomed & dressed. I can’t do that to people on the street but can I call the cops on them?

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