What’s Your Phone Alert Setting?

This post originated as a comment on a post in Toronto Mike’s blog post on the same topic.

Phone : currently rings the same for all callers – guitar solo from Deep Purple’s ‘Sometime I feel like screaming’

Email : both Gmail and Hotmail ids have different alerts so I know which is which.

SMS/MMS : has a bell like alert

Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and BBM alerts are unique dings so I know which is which.

I have my profile settings for sounds and alter with Vibrations+sound for only when my phone is in its holster.

What are your settings dear reader?

9 thoughts on “What’s Your Phone Alert Setting?

  1. 99% of the time it’s on silent. I also forget to charge it. Or take it out of my purse or my coat pocket for days at a time. Yeah, I’m not a bit cell phone user.

    Unless I can’t get wifi for my iPod touch. Then I’m all over using the phone for sending messages and such. I can’t think when the last time was that I actually talked on my phone. How odd.

  2. My phone is dying a slow death after I drowned it last spring, so my settings are officially ‘random’ I can set it to silent, but it will still ring. I can set it to ring, but it will only buzz. Nothing will be incoming but it will freak out buzzing (to the point of draining the battery). I’m just crossing my fingers hoping it makes it to the iPhone 5 release *g*

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