When An AI Pic Resonates With You

A picture and I think this is an AI generate pic of Snoopy at that so resonates with me. Especially of my younger years but even now. If this is representative of me, I am in my happy place. I am in a room, presumably mine, with a nice hot cup of coffee in my hand, listening to music with headphones, with some books kept next to me and a tablet pc.

Snoopy looks lost in the music and he has that smile on his face which is that of one who is in total enjoyment of what he or she is doing. That’s usually me when I am drinking a coffee, sitting in an air-conditioned room, surrounded by my favourite things and listening to music. I’d feel safe, cozy and happy. The joy of being to do the things that you love is unlike no other.

Oh yeah and great choice for and hoodie! Tomorrow is Sunday and I plan to send the day with coffee and music and maybe get a read in. Or if not then I will watch a movie or two.

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