When Did You Start To Love Reading?

I was the bookworm. I read a lot, mostly fiction with the off biography and I also read a lot about some history and things. I think my fascination for books and reading started by the time I started to learn how to read. The kids books and comics that I got at the time fueled my imagination and I would be lost in reading the books for a few hours. When I visited my cousins homes, after we all exchanged hellos and how are yous, if we weren’t playing a game or something, I would be reading the books that they had in their homes.

When I was younger, while my cousins and uncle watched cricket matches, I could be found lying in a corner or sitting in a sofa with a book in my hands. Or maybe they were watching a movie that I had no interest in and would rather be lost in comics or in a novel. As a youngster I loved comics and could spends hours with a bunch of them. As I turned 14-15 I turned to novels and read a lot each months. I liked to read as much as I could. People found it easy to give me gifts; they just needed to get me some books.

Some weekends I would spend most of my time in my room reading books and listening to music at a low volume, coming down only for food. People found it easy to give me gifts; they just needed to get me some books. I created faces and voices for the characters in my mind – that always seemed to make the books more enjoyable for me. I didn’t go on purpose; it just came naturally for me without me even thinking about it too much.


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