When I Need A Laugh

There’s something wrong with my Plinky.com account, the site I use as a blogging prompt. I’m able to blog there  but unable to share it automatically with this blog here like I normally do. Oh well, I might have to recheck the settings. Anyways, here’s my answer to today’s prompt:

Websites are fun for a good laugh, when things are bringing you down and you are upset. Like there are lol cats & lol dogs. Assured to bring not just smiles but giggles, snickering and outright belly-busting laughter. Some people are just so talented with matching funny lines of words to the right picture and put together – genius! Some Youtube videos are also hilarious and there are series of videos from the same makers/uploader that make me laugh my ass off.

TV shows that are sure to make me laugh are Corner Gas, Friends, Seinfeld, and some others. I also find some stand up comics that are sure shot mirth inducing bets like Russell Peters, Danny Bhoy, George Carlin (RIP), Sugar Sammy and many more. All brilliant at making us laugh. Some movies are good too.

I don’t have a friend who makes me laugh as much as I do to my friends. But when I sit with my friends and my old team members I like to make them laugh. I can’t help it; I’ll crack jokes, tell them funny anecdotes & stories and rib tickling one liners that threaten to make them pee in their underwear. That’s just the way I am. I want my people to be happy and laughing and enjoying themselves. No sadness please.

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