When I First Started Using The Internet…

…it was way back in 1998. Actually I had used it a bit the year before, when I joined up to sell modems part time. That agency showed me the ropes of using the net – the initial settings was just plain text without the graphics and without colour. Any website that you visited, you could only see the text part. I even remember the first 3 websites that I had visited – CNN.com, Wimbledon.org & Satriani.com download horton hears a who !

After that it was searching for internet cafes that started mushrooming across the city. It was Rs.200 for an hour at first and then it went down to Rs.100. I would go to Don Bosco tech, a polytechnic a little out of the way, to join the club started by father Mathew Michael and browse metal & rock bands websites. I would copy the text and paste it in notepads saved into my floppy disks so that I could come back home and read it at leisure later in the day.

I then got to use it a bit at NIIT, the institute where I spend 2 years to get my diplomo in computers. And finally, I found a former school mate, 3 years my senior, who had started a small cafe of his own. The seats were very comfy and they served free coffee. I spend a lot of time there for the next year and then onto several other places closer to my home. Till I got this pc & my broadband connection at home (November 2006), I would go twice a week atleast for a few hours to one of the internet cafes near my home.

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