When I’m Happiest

These days, and it’s been like that for the past few months, I am happiest when I am alone at home watching some of my fav tv shows or a movie or chatting with a friend. Reading some people’s blogs (you know who you are), getting & replying emails and finding a good video on Youtube to watch. I rarely go out these days and when I do it is usually alone but a rare outing with my best friends really did make me very happy and I was pleased as punch.

I’m happiest when I get some off days from work – the office isn’t the sanest place to be at these days. All I need is some things to go well and then my attitude and life will change for the better. But at the moment, relaxing on my bed in my room all alone sounds like heaven. I’d love to read a novel from top to bottom at one go, relaxing to music, plenty of coffee near me and a few snacks.

I desperately need a change of scenery and a total personal battery recharge. This would do wonders for me and make me change my life and move in a more positive manner.

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