Where I Belong

Sea or sky? I want to be out in space. The final frontier. That’s where the excitement is and the beauty is and the glory of the universe for mankind to explore & find. Imagine how it was when humans first started exploring the seas and finding new lands, new routes to places that they wanted to go to? Adventures along the way? Imagine what it’s gonna be like when we really start exploring the universe!!

I’d so much like to be part of an exploration team that goes to various planets. Not in the way that we do it now, ofcourse. I want it to be like the futuristic Star Trek or any one of the other good science fiction series that we have seen. To be able to see new planets, stars and other celestial bodies, to be part of the landing party on the soil of a new world, to explore and map out a till now unexplored planet and drive around on the land. That would be so awesome.

Burn the land & boil the seas – you can’t take the sky from me!

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