Where I Hope To Be In 3 Years

3 years from now….I just want to be happy. Yeah that’s it – happy! And for that I hope that in 3 years I am..

Job wise I want to be secure and earning a nice big salary that will let me not worry about my future. And I want some real job satisfaction and not hate going to work every morning. Personally I want to have my own place – in my own apartment, hopefully a nice 2 or 3 bedroom (meaning one will be turned into a den/library) somewhere in the city. And hopefully by then I would have found Ms.right and married her and we’re settling in for a nice, comfortable life together. Both of us with good, well paying jobs that let us have a few luxuries and lead a comfortable life in our apartment. Or a small home, with a little garden and a dog and 2 cats.

I hope to have some money saved in the bank and be able to go on a proper holiday with the lady in question. I don’t care for too much nightlife or going ape-shit crazy in some place – I want to see some beautiful places and I have my list in both India as well as in other nations. It will mean a lot more if I have someone for company, someone special ofcourse. Other than the money, job satisfaction, financial security, a nice place to live in and Mrs.Roshan, I don’t think I could ask for much more. I have this vision of a great place to be in and I want to live there. That’s where I hope to be in 3 years.

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4 thoughts on “Where I Hope To Be In 3 Years

  1. >> How much do you think would be a ‘big’ salary to keep you comfy say in the present day ? Well its dreams that give man the hope to live on ..

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