Where in the World Would You Most Like to Live?

Moving house – it has a host of stressful associations, and yet also some really exciting ones. If you’re thinking of moving to live internationally, the world is quite literally your oyster. Yet with so many wonderful locations to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options and make a final decision. Of course, there are practical considerations such as language, living costs and work opportunities – but they’re not as fun to think about just yet! If you’re making the massive decision to relocate, the most important thing is finding somewhere you will be happy. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for the best places in the world to live, depending on what you are looking for!

Sun, Sea and Sand

For many, it’s the idea of a perfect life; that gorgeous little house a stone’s throw from a white sand beach, a sparkling sea, and a summer sun that lasts the whole year around. If this is your dream, then you’ll want to look somewhere like Australia for the perfect lifestyle. Most of Australia’s cities and towns are gathered around its huge coastline. They are all great places to live, but Grange Beach in Adelaide consistently comes up in lists of the best beaches in Australia, so this should be your first choice of places to look into!

Culture and Nightlife

If you are someone who likes excitement, being around people and constantly experiencing new things, then you are a city-liver through and through. A city such as London or New York would be perfect for you. There are enough theatres, cinemas, events, restaurants to keep you occupied for a thousand lifetimes. Of course, these destinations come with a price tag attached, and neither city is cheap. However, if this is your idea of the perfect lifestyle, then it’s a small price to pay to live your dream.

Adventure and Joy

Rafting down the river. Hunting in the forest. Hiking through the mountains. Returning to your home in the city to sit by the fireplace in the winter, or light a barbecue in the summer. If this sounds like heaven, then Canada is the place for you. Situated just north of the United States, Canada is a huge country with many different options for places to live. The Whitehorse real estate area is a great one to look into, as the city of Whitehorse is located in amongst some stunning scenery, with adventure right on your doorstep.


After sunshine and sea, mountains are at the top of many peoples’ lists of dream locations where they’d like to live. Yet mountains are often inaccessible and difficult places to make a living – so where are the best places to go to get your mountain fix whilst living a comfortable life? Well, Scotland should be your first place to look. As it is a small country, many Scottish towns and cities are just an hour or two away from stunning mountain ranges, and if you’re after a quieter village life, you can get even closer. The only drawback to Scotland is the wet weather, and if you’re after sunnier climates, Aquitaine in the south of France has been widely celebrated for its stunning gorges and mountains.

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