Where Would You Rather Be?

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

That’s easy although I would prefer to make that forever rather than just a year. O Canada, you beckon to me you far & distant land! That’s right, the place that I’d rather be living is in Canada, with some particular places in particular that I’d like to live in.

As for which place in Canada that I’d want to live in, I’m torn between two cities – Ottawa, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. Both are beautiful and gorgeous to the eyes, ears & nose ….. every sense! They both have plenty of sights to see and look beautiful for natives & tourists alike. My preference would be Ottawa as from the year 2000 onwards I have been an Ottawa Senators fan and would love to live  there. The city has a lot to offer even though it’s quiet by most other cities standards. I’m a beer lover and Canadian beer fascinates me. Ottawa being at the border of Ontario & Quebec must get all the goodies or most of the goodies from both provinces and one could be spoilt for choice. Everything what I have seen & heard of the city tells me that this is the perfect place for me with just one exception – it can get really cold there and it snows a lot! That might be difficult for me not having been accustomed to the climate and having asthma and stuff.

That is a good segway to Vancouver – probably one of the most naturally scenic and beautiful cities in the world. With it’s location being on the coast of Western Canada and a jewel of the Pacific Ocean, this is a city that can stun even the long time resident from time to time. Vancouver offers a lot of good things for a resident and it too is a port of call for many movie, tv stars & rock musicians as well. I would have a swell time there and yes the place has an awesome beer selection too. Ofcourse I would have to change allegiance to the Canucks but I can think of much, much worse things to happen to me.

So Canada it is and Ottawa is #1, with Vancouver a close 2nd. Other cities that interest me are Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax etc etc. Someday I hope to visit but I wish I were there to stay already.

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