Which Diseases Would You Cure If You Could?

If you were a mad scientist and could create a cure for any disease, which disease would you cure and why?

Stupidity, arrogance, racism, hatred, malice, rape, murder, incest, war mongering, terrorism, creationism, religion, infanticide, bullying, etc etc etc. Please add to it as you join me in listing the list of diseases that plague us. We need to get rid of them and if I could become a mad scientist or a normal one and find a cure I would concentrate on finding a cure for these diseases and rid mankind of them. Come on people, animals behave much better than us!

Now that rant is out of the way let’s talk about diseases as defined by medical doctors. Everything, everything that plagues us. I want a cure and even a prevention or an outright eradication of each and every disease that affects us. Cancer, AIDS, arthritis, malaria, all kinds of flu, ALS, breathing disorders like asthma – everything. Even the common cold, coughs & headaches. Out with you all disease. I wish we could find a cure for everything and then whoosh! get rid of them once and for all. Hopefully in the future all these diseases will be wiped out and humans will be immune to all of them plus a host of new ones that we haven’t heard of yet.

Oh wait, all diseases that affect dogs, cats and another animals too! None of them should have to suffer anything. Hey how about old age? What about death? What if we could get rid of death? We’d colonize other planets & moons and terraform them to fit our needs and we’d spread out to all these worlds, traveling in huge highly advanced spaceships, taking our animals & birds with us too, and explore the galaxy and increase our knowledge of the universe. Diseases, what diseases?

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