Which Is Joss Whedon’s Greatest Shows

Sci-Fi Heaven.net is having a poll to find out which is the best of all of Joss Whedon’s shows.

That’s a lot like selecting your favourite orgasm! It’s just not possible….or is it?

I find myself torn between Buffy, Angel & Firefly. I haven’t seen Dollhouse as of yet but if previous work is any indication, I’m going to love it. mad money online

Which is my favourite, you ask? Well, I’ve felt that Firefly download three way movie had the makings of one of the greatest shows on tv ever, sci-fi or otherwise. It just didn’t get the break it needed and was canceled – because American tv audiences can be extremely dumb!

Angel is my favourite by a mile – 5 fantastic seasons with great character fleshing out and a fantastic cast. I love the show a lot more than Buffy The Vampire Slayer (but I do love that a lot). However, when I was shopping for tv series dvds last year (in May if I am not mistaken) and had to choose between the two shows, there really was no second guessing. Angel was it! Angel had it all and then some!

Firefly will remain a favourite of mine – there just wasn’t enough episodes to justify making it my fav. Had it been given the chance to make atleast 3-4 season, probably it would have been my favourite.

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5 thoughts on “Which Is Joss Whedon’s Greatest Shows

  1. I think that your comment about American TV audiences being dumb is kinda stupid Roshan. For example, the only reason why there was a movie is because of those “dumb” members of the audience. Studios are notorious for canceling TV shows early – some of the best ones have been cancelled and then brought back to become cult favourites. The original Star Trek is a prime example of that.
    Living over here, I can give you plenty of examples of shows that were cancelled before they had time to flourish – all because some studio executive feels that it doesn’t have what it takes to become a money making machine overnight.
    As the saying goes – don’t hate the player – hate the game!

  2. You gotta learn how to relax and take a joke! Stop defending your American brethren at every little silly thing!

  3. Watch Buffy first and then 3 seasons in start watching Angel. Both are awesome but I felt that Angel was darker.

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