Whimp Rock Steals Satriani Melody

Joe Satriani, the best guitar instrumentalist who ever lived and my personal fav guitar god, has filed a lawsuit against British band Coldplay for plagiarizing one of his songs. Coldplay’s Viva la Vida released either in 2008 or 07, sounds a lot like Joe’s If I Could Fly download one magic christmas samson and delilah online download alien raiders dvd off his 2004 album Is There Love In Space? – the melody and chord progressions sounds very similar.

I have worshiped Satriani since 1992 and have all his albums. He is one of my favourite musicians and I play his songs all the time. Coldplay – I couldn’t care less about them; they don’t inspire me and their music style is what I jokingly call “whimp rock”. Sue their asses to court Joe!

And if you need to check out the two similar sounding melodies, look below.

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