Whiskey On The Rocks

Yesterday was the bachelor’s party of the MIS guy from my team. He is getting married on the 4th of September. On Wednesday he had taken a bunch of us out for lunch at the hotel near our office, where we always go for lunch parties. For lunch that day, the biggest attraction was the huge fish that a couple of us, including me, had ordered and it ended up being shared by 6 people cause it was huge. Last night, 12 of us got into a tempo traveller a little after 9 pm from the office and headed for Cherai Beach. I almost did not go since it was getting very late and I didn’t want to be coming home at 1 am drunk. Also I was quite weary of cops checking us but since we had a driver who was not drinking (being from the same company that arranges the company cabs) it would be ok to go along. So me and two other guys from my team went as well. On the menu was 8 whole grilled chickens, 6 bottles of beer and 4 8 PM whiskey bottles.

Now I’m not a whiskey drinking guy. Although I have had it in the past, I never drink it out of choice. The last time I had it was during the New Year party 8 months ago. So I just had a couple of them mixed with water and it did not go down well with me! However, we were all starving and the chicken tasted so good. Huge chucks of chicken wrapped in silver foil just waiting to be eaten. I sat on the huge rocks and chatted, with a whiskey in one hand and chicken in the other. It was quite breezy and the waves were gorgeous, although I didn’t step into the water. Some of them did and in the end there was a stripping off one guy’s pants and a pure moment of absolute nakedness. Lucky for me it was very dark and I was far away, so I cudn’t see anything and hence I did not puke! By midnight we packed up and got back into the tempo and went back to the office. From there we split up and 4 of us were dropped back to our respective homes in a car.

3 thoughts on “Whiskey On The Rocks

  1. uw chicken and whiskey i will have to try that one.
    i usually dont like whiskey either, i fi have it it has to be with lemonade!

  2. I really don’t like mixing lemonade with my drinks. The last time I did, around 2 years ago in Aug I mixed vodka with lemonade & soda, I puked so badly and had gas trouble for 2 days.

    I like vodka & sprite

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