Who Do You Blame?

Indians have been shocked & enraged at the recent gang rape that took place in the nation’s capital of New Delhi. Last Sunday night a medical student and her friend had finished watching a film and boarded the bus to go home. They boarded a bus – which had tinted windows and curtains, banned in Delhi but it was not stopped as it moved through a series of police check points – which is the sort of chartered bus that is often used as public transport in Delhi. The police says the brothers and four of their friends decided to go “on a joyride” in their off-duty hours. They allegedly taunted the woman, asking her why she was out late with a man.  Her friend, who works for a software firm, intervened. The men turned on him with an iron rod. The girl then tried to protect her friend, infuriating the assaulter who decided to punish her. First, they hit her. Then they raped her as the bus kept driving before she & her friend were  dumped on the road side.

The 23-year-old woman, who was gangraped by half-a-dozen men, is battling for life in Safdarjung Hospital. Multiple surgeries later – the last of which was performed yesterday – she is determined not to give up, said doctors attending to the woman who has galvanized India into protests and rallies, demanding expeditious justice for her, and an over-hauling of the protection offered to women in cities everywhere. In different parts of Delhi, large groups of people protested, demanding a swift trial in this case, harsher punishment for sexual crimes, and more police patrolling on the streets at night, the different demands coalesced around the agreement that things must change.  I can see a bunch of protest messages on Twitter & Facebook and on blog posts. Question are being asked as to why and how and what our nation has become as this is just the latest of several bad incidents / attacks against women. And I see people trying to point blame at so many other things along with the men who committed the disgusting crime. And some of these people are getting ridiculous and are lacking the sense in seeing the obvious.

Indians are the best blamer makers in the world. They are ready to find fault and blame everybody & everything else in the world for the atrocities & crimes that Indians themselves commit! Rape is caused by – Western culture, books, movies, internet, Facebook, Twitter, jeans, t shirts, shorts, coats, the wrong kind of perfumes, underwear, handbags, shoes, watches, glasses, cigarettes, even Chow mein, noodles, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, colas, foreign liquor, call center jobs, etc etc. What they fail to realize that there are a lot of assholes, criminals & rapists in this country! Fix the problem and look inwards! Parents should set examples. The schools should teach you manners & respect, places of worship should be teaching decency to your fellow human beings and not asslicking some deity!

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  1. It’s a shocking thing to happen. I hope she recovers but it is going to be a long, hard road for her. I cannot imagine how much she is suffering. Just awful.

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