Who Do You Hope Is NOT Calling?

I hope it’s not Satan telling me that it’s time and that he is coming over to collect my soul. Whatever I sold it to him for, it certainly wasn’t worth it.

I hope that the companies I tried out for aren’t calling me to tell me that “sorry buddy, you’re just not what we are looking for/you don’t have what we want”!

I hope its not someone calling to inform me that a loved one’s health has taken a turn for the worse or that they are dead.

I hope it’s not a sales call from Reliance/Airtel/Idea/Videcon/Tata Indicom/Docomo after I did test calls to them a couple of weeks back on the process of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and foolishly gave them my true number.

Infact I hope it’s not a sales call of any kind!

I hope I never get the call from an ex who calls me to say that I have an illegitimate child and she now wants me to pay for raising the kid!

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