Who Makes The Best Pizza?

I only have a few options for getting real pizza in my city. Dominos, US Pizza & Pizza Hut are the ones that I have tried. Of those I have only tried a couple of slices of US Pizza and I didn’t like it. A few years earlier we had a Pizza Corner which I have tried and I think there are a couple of more places which offer real pizza but none that specialize in it.

While I fondly remember a couple of cafes that had some good pizzas among their wares, I prefer the real deal. Now I really love Dominos pizza as they have the best pizza out there. Best crust, best cheese, best topping -most delicious pizza you can currently get here. One problem – they went and changed their home delivery travel limits and now will not deliver to my area. Which is so stupid as they are quite close! I was so pissed off when I heard this that I was a little rude at the executive who picked my call. I complained to Dominos Facebook account but I don’t think they are going to change their policy just now!

So now Pizza Hut & US Pizza are the only ones I can order from, unless I go to one of the Dominos outlets. I don’t like US Pizza so I won’t order from them. I find Pizza Hut’s pies smaller – a medium from Dominos is much bigger than a medium from Pizza Hut! Why is that? Shouldn’t they have uniform radius for the sizes? And I also get a ….. buttery taste to the slices. I’m not kidding; eating PH slices is a lot like eating buttered toast with toppings! Well atleast they pizzas are good. It’s not a complaint just a weird feeling.

So although Dominos makes the best pizzas for us in Cochin, my choice for home delivery will be Pizza Hut!

3 thoughts on “Who Makes The Best Pizza?

  1. I wish more international brands started coming to India. I’m waiting for Papa Joe’s to come to Cochin (who knows when) and ofcourse for Coffee whenever later in the year they plan to setup in Cochin.

  2. The best pizza in the world is made by my local pizzeria Il Cugino. Haha. It is run by an Italian family with the indomitable Nonna Maria at the helm. Their pizzas are light and not too oily with extra garlic if you want it. The toppings are always super-fresh. I have never had a bad pizza there!

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