Why A Screen-Free Week Could Be Just What You Need

Make no mistake, we’re not here to discuss the perils of getting hooked on modern technology and culture. TV, video games, online communities and the like are all fine ways to spend your time, but sometimes you might feel like you need a break. For that reason, we’re taking a closer look at some hobbies than can help you spend the occasional moment away from the digital world and more time in the real world.

See more of the world

The online world is connecting us further and more quickly than ever, exposing us to viewpoints, interests, and people we might never otherwise encounter. However, it’s important to actually experience some of the world for yourself rather than through a screen. Checking out local museums and galleries, as well as traveling, can help you live a little more broadly, rather than simply reading or watching more broadly.

Learn a new skill

Taking the time out to learn a brand-new skill, discipline or hobby isn’t just a distraction. It helps us grow as people and makes it easier to learn other new skills that may become vital later in our careers or life. Everything from picking up fishing with sites like Fishing Sun to cookery courses make it a lot easier to dip our toes in the water of brand-new skills. As such, the internet makes it easier to be a more well-rounded person offline, too.

Broaden your mind

There’s no shortage of art or creative culture to expose yourself too online. However, there’s simply no replacing trying some creativity of your own. Taking a break from the computer to try learning an instrument, visit your local library, or to pick up a paintbrush can help you be more expressive, rather than someone who solely consumes.

Connect with your family and community

Many of us have online communities that can feel just as real as the people around us, but it’s still essential to maintain the bonds of family and community that help us feel truly connected to the world. Taking a trip with the family, finding a local class or hobbyist group near you, or using sites like Do It to connect with charitable and volunteer efforts can help use create a more socially enriched life.

Lower your stress levels

Some say that the impact that social media and how we interact with online communities is overblown. However, there’s no denying that being connected to a screen 24/7, always being in reach, and always being accountable, does put us under some pressure. A staycation away from the home can offer a break from that pressure and let us take a moment away from some of our usual stresses.

Finding something to connect you with the world around you can help you live a richer, fuller life and find new ways to relax besides sitting in front of a screen all day. You might even find that the break makes you even fonder of the pop culture and online distractions you already enjoy.

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