Why I Held Back

Today’s blog prompt is – Describe a time when you should have spoken up about something – but didn’t.

There was a time at one of my previous jobs where I should have spoken up and mentioned about the crap that was happening. I should have taken a stand but I didn’t. This was by October, 2010 to March 2011. I had to bear the brunt of it. Manipulation was being done and it was at my department’s expense. But mostly it was at my expense. I was targeted because I didn’t want to twist and turn the process t suit the ego of one individual who then mocked anyone who didn’t do it for him. I should have sent alarm bells ringing and blown the whistle. Kept various superiors in loop. But I didn’t. And I paid the price for it.

I let myself down. That asshole is still in a big company and reaping & making money, while I struggled after leaving that organization. He would target me and some other people because we wouldn’t bend over. Bastard I hope you rot in hell. You had me against the odds and I suffered. You wanted to make an example out of me and I played along, cause I wasn’t sure about how to go about it. This motherfucker sat in the client review and in front of the client told me not to inform the corporate boss I had – go ahead and cheat on the data! Just so that he could squeeze some more rupees. He twisted the process in front of the clients so they had the feeling that the process change was my idea! As if I would want to do so! That day I knew that the end was near. And finally, when a sonofabitch who never supported me but only made my work life miserable realized he had goofed up, he wanted to push it onto my head! Sorry fucker! I didn’t bite and said that I wouldn’t agree to it.

That was when it was decided that I would have to leave. I still worked hard for 2 more months and left the organization. I struggled for over a year but I think I am in a good place now. And it looks like I might have the last laugh. I think my new employers are going to steal (by that I mean are going to be granted some work & process that my old org had or were supposed to get) some work from under his nose. I would enjoy that so much! When it does happen, I’ll make sure that he gets to know that I am part of it. Kiss my ass!

One thought on “Why I Held Back

  1. It always feels great to have the last laugh. We are going through a similar situation at the moment with our bar and former business partners. We discovered they are totally unscrupulous people – always a shock to find that out. I have a feeling you are going to do well in your new position. It is always great when the nice guy wins!

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