Why Smoke? Just Quit Smoking Them Damn Cigarettes

May 31 is No Tobacco Day. Share some tips to stay clean and quit tobacco.

So once upon a time, a long long time ago I did smoke. Not a lot but I did smoke a few cigarettes in a day. When I was 15 a couple of my older cousins who were 18 smoked and since I hung out with them a lot, it was only natural that I would pick up the habit. Also ages 16 & 17 some of my friends also smoked maybe like a pack a week. Hence by 17 I picked up a cigarette and started smoking.

I usually smoked a brand – which I can’t remember the name of now – which was thin and brown and was only available in select shops in the city. I never bought a full pack of those, slightly more expensive than Wills or Kings which were the top popular brands, but would usually just get a half pack. When I was 19 I moved to Bangalore for a year and when it was colder there, I started smoking a lot more. When I came back to Cochin, I started buying this menthol brand – again, I do not remember the name

By the time I was 23 I just quit as I knew that it was not the right thing to smoke. I had asthma and I started thinking, why do I want to add on to my health problems by smoking shit. I just decided on the spot and never looked back.

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