Why We Dream

Dreams – I love to discuss my dreams with my close friends and on occasion I have posted whatever I remember of a particular dream on this blog. I’ve dreamed some crazy one, some sexy ones, some special ones and some that seemed so real that when I woke up from them, I was disoriented and couldn’t remember where I was and what had happened after the dream stopped. I’ve had some erotic dreams that were so intense……once it was so much that when I woke up, I thought that I had impregnated my pillow!

But most of my dreams for the past 8 years or so revolves around my day dreams. Day dreams I love, you can control them easily even thought at times I seem to go off a tangent, seemingly never to return back to reality. My love for Scifi, Star Trek and other shows of their ilk have fueled my day dreams and my day dreams have given ample fodder for my dreams at night. So my favourite dreams deal with me flying across the galaxies in a spaceship with my friends and fighting off evil, powerful aliens, visiting beautiful, exotic and exciting new planets and races and yeah also bedding the occasional hot alien chicks!

But mostly I believe that the dreams we have can symbolize our desires, our fears, our hopes and our angst. I have felt way too much connection with my dreams, have so many things be connected with things happening in the real life, been touched by so many dreams and woken up with the feeling of having lost something important and close to my heart, to ever dismiss the effect & influence of dreams. We dream because we are….human!

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