Winning Formula For Making Hit Malayalam TV Serials

I’ve come up with the winning formula for a hit Malayalam tv serial/soap opera series. Let’s take it that an episode is 30 minutes long. I have narrowed it down to:

  • 30 minutes in total out of which 6 minutes is for commercials.
  • Remaining 24 minutes of actual show is split up into :
  • 7 minutes staring & looking around as dramatic music is played after a revelation is said.
  • Said dramatic music should be a mix of classical music with Latin sounding chants.
  • 7 minutes for actors glaring at each other – with more dramatic music.
  • 5 minutes of slow motion where characters are either staring and moving their eyes about or walking.
  • 3 minutes for women crying!
  • 2 minutes for credits!

Done deal! I have a hit! Now I need actors who can stare and glare and actresses who can cry at the drop of a hat!

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