Winter Thoughts In Tropical Kerala

As most of the Western world – and some countries like Egypt in the Middle East – are “enjoying” their snow fall, this guy who has never experienced snow is melancholy about the subject. Well, not true! As I have stated earlier I have seen snow and felt it in my hands but I was wee baby, just 2 years old back in 1978 when my family went to England (Newcastle in particular) to see my mom’s sister and her family who were living there at the time. Now I have no memory of the snow of the cold and how it felt so it’s as good as not having experienced it all. It’s 35 years later after all!

Now during the first 11 years of my life I lived in Kuwait and even though we got no snow, we did get a winter season. It got cold enough for people to wear winter clothes, a concept that would be alien in tropical Kerala which is my home state. The women would wear sweaters and coats or jackets and woolen leggings. The men would wear long woolen socks, sweaters, vests and thick coats. As kids I remember my school uniform – woolen underwear like pants, over which went the pants, a vest, a sweater and a coat. I would be roasted in my own juices if I wore that and walked around for 30 minutes in Kerala in December/January. It’s not that hot but it certainly is not cold!

I wouldn’t mind some snow. What’s life like without 4 distinct seasons?

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