Woe Is Me

I have a huge assessment at work tomorrow morning. I am in no mood to prepare for it, even though it is an open book assessment. I am going to play it by ear. I woke up so late today that I spent most of the day in a slump. That’s what you get for sleeping so late the same night that you have a few drinks.

Everyone in my batch at the company got paid…except for me and this other guy. We were the last ones to finish the forms for the bank account (provided by the company) and therefore the last ones activated. But the HR in Bangalore goofed up and despite the accounts being active by Thursday evening, they were unable to put the money in even on Saturday. So due to their inability, I am not paid even though it is now the 11th of the month. That sucks! The people here have said that they will rush in two checks for the two of us, on Monday. And then there will be the wait till the checks clear. Bummer!

My right foot, which was feeling a lot better, is still not completely cured. It’s gonna be a week. Infact, I think that today the swelling, which was down, has now increased. I can still walk pretty much ok, but I think I have to go and see the doctor tomorrow evening. That sucks even more!

Only thing I am looking forward to is the Arsenal vs Wigan match, on in a few minutes.

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