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My cousin Shalini posted this video on her Facebook wall and tagged me saying that this little cutie pie, sweetie pie ranting about women shopping (and taking way too much time going to several stores and not being satisfied) reminded her of me complaining about my sister Sherine and another cousin Raakhee!

What Shalini is refferring to an incident that happened when i was about 16 or 17 (back in 1992-93) and I had gone shopping with my sister and Raakhee to Convent Junction here in Cochin (which is an area where there are numerous clothing stores for women). Now my sister & girl cousins have always been known for their pickiness during their teenage years and early 20s but even I wasn’t expecting this! These two ladies made me walk t0 15 different clothing stores, where they spent hours making the salestaff take down all the churidhars from the racks and displays and didn’t buy anything from them! Not one and at each one it was almost like the staff were scared of these two young women! But they were giving me dirty looks and glaring at my direction, as if I were responsible for all of this torture.

Finally after hours & hours, they went back to the very first store we had stepped into and bought a single churidhar outfit – 1 lously churidhar after all that shopping time! After that I declared that I would never ever go shopping with these women again and it became a legendary story in my family.

2 thoughts on “Women & Shopping”

  1. Cute kid …. well you never know if your wife will be a shop-aholic :-) hehe haha…beware!!!

    I remember when I was a kid I went shopping with two picky women …and similar to your story we went around windowshopping,etc and finally I plucked out my tooth in one of them ;-D hehe haha..

  2. I remember once 2 cousins of mine said he wanted to bring a carom board when his mom & sisters too him gold jewellery shopping at Bheema and Alukkas. They spent 11 hours combined in those two places and the boys got so bored.

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