Won’t You Open Up & Rain On Me?

It’s raining in Thrissur! It’s raining in Alappuzha! It seems to be raining in Palghat as well! But it ain’t raining here

After all the heat & humidity that the poor people of Palghat have been suffering (42 degree celcius) and the heat strokes, I think they deserve some rain. Quite a bit of it mind you. And I won’t begrudge my Thrissur brothers any rain water that is showered their way. The same for the people of Alappuzha.

But about poor old us? The people of Cochin. The land called the Queen Of The Arabian Sea. The commercial hub of the state of Kerala. We need our rain too. I just hope that the rain clouds come our way soon, before my hometown start resorting to rain dances!

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