Woods Manor’s New Pizzeria

Time to discover an all new pizza place in good ole Cochin. Woods Manor is a long established hotel in the city on MG Road. They used to have a cafe called the Sidewalk Cafe. Well that is no longer there and the took apart the place and rebuilt it as a semi-open cafe called Pizzeria. Yes it’s just called Pizzeria and it’s a good little pizza place with some sandwiches, burgers and stuff as well. After attending an engagement today, I left early as there was a huge crowd in this small house and arranged for my cousin and I to have a couple of beers and then we went to have pizza.

I’m guessing they have a chef who has had some proper training in making pizzas because they are really serious about the pizzas here and they are really good. Really like the image on the front. Their furniture isn’t as good and they should replace them. It’s also a little too hot and no washroom in the near vicinity (you have to go to the main part of the building and then go past their normal restaurant to the washroom).

The pizzas are delicious. My cousin Sujith had a Chilli Prawn pizza – prawn as he was on a sea food roll for the week.

I had the Cajun Spiced Chicken pizza. Both were delicious and the thin crust were crunchy and everything was really good. We had Sprints (kinda like a very bad local imitation of Sprite) to wash them down.

Great pizzas – however they took almost 25 minutes to acknowledge us for the bill. No waiter or manager was around for a while even though there were one other table occupied at this late afternoon hour (we went in at 4:15 pm). If they improve some aspects of their service, this will be one great place for some slices.

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  1. It really was. Planning to buy some take out (they don’t do home delivery as of yet) in a few days.

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