Working “9 To 5″…Sorta

Not really 9 to 5 but the song lyrics would have to be changed to “working 8:30 to 5:30” just have the same feel to it as the 1980 Dolly Parton hit ditty. So for the next three days I will be working the elusive morning shift and which means that I can enjoy an evening out if I want to and go for some coffee or something on my way back from work. Even drop in for a beer before I come home.

But this will mean that I need to go to sleep earlier than usual and, more importantly, wake up early! Which is more difficult that it seems for someone who is so used to waking up at 12pm and going to be after 5am. That is the life of an employee working in the ITES section in India. I am watching the Arsenal vs Manchester United match right now but after that I am going to bed. Usually I would pop in a movie and watch tv till 3am or so. But no, not tonight or Monday & Tuesday night. It’s gonna be “early to bed for me.

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