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“If you were awarded a large sum of cash for home improvements, what kind of project would you tackle first?”

This is a good question for me at the moment as we are at the midway point of renovating the two bathrooms we have in the apartment I live in with my parents. The renovation is not exactly by choice; it’s being done to the entire building due to leaks in the plumbing across the building’s 14 apartments. Ours is not as severe but the lower 3 floors have it real bad with water flooding the floors outside the bathrooms in recent weeks just before we started the renovations. So the bathroom next to my bedroom is also done – all that is left now is for them to fix the little step next to the door and turn the water supply back in that area of the building. But since the other bathrooms are not yet completed it might take a few more days for them to do that.

But if I were to be awarded a large sum of cash I’d paint the whole apartment a different colour. I’ve posted about it before; 6.5 years before when we were about to move into the apartment the painters had a mix up with the paint colour and instead of a nice light beige colour we ended up with a sickly pink colour on all the walls of the apartment. We weren’t pleased at all but since we had sold our house we had less than 3 days to complete the move and we were stuck with the pink. Imagine walls the colour of Gelusil syrup! That’s it, you got it!

I’d get new shelves built for books and redo the kitchen cabinets. Some of them really need fixing but the carpenters did a really bad shoddy job. A nice shelf or stand for the tv area. Centralized air-conditioning. That’s it. I don’t think I can do much else with this apartment. Instead of that how about a new big 3 bedroom place?

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