World’s Most Stinkiest Men!

This is the kind of news and record breaking stuff that makes you go “what the fuck”! The record for smelliest / stinkiest man in the world has been broken when the existence of a man who hasn’t bathed in 60 years was noted and reported! Yes you did read that as 60 years!

Living in a remote village of Dejgah in southern Iran, Amou Haji, 80, has another unique feat to his credit. He has not bathed for last 60 years and hates water, said a report in Tehran Times. This no-bath decision has actually put him ahead of Guru Kailash Singh, 69, from the holy city of Varanasi in India who refused to bathe since 1974 just after he got married. (Why the fuck does an Indian have to be in the weirdest and stupidest kind of records that you can find?) Singh, who spends all day working on the banks of the river Ganges, claimed a priest guaranteed he would have a son if he stops bathing. The prediction failed, like all religious nonsense. Singh has seven daughters.

His wife even threatened to stop sleeping with him if he didn’t bath. She gave in later, insisting she should be loyal to him. Stupid bitch! She must really love him. Like Singh, Haji – who drinks five litres of water daily from a rusty oil can – feels that cleanlinesss would make him sick. When Haji needs a haircut, he burns his hair in a fire and keeps himself warm with an old war helmet, said the report. According to Tehran Times, Haji has chosen this lifestyle after some emotional setbacks he faced earlier in life.

Well it’s all sorts of fruit & nutcases to make up this world! Just typing this post, I feel like taking a shower.

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