Worst Year Ever!

In just a few hours, another year is about to come to a close. This was quite definitely the worst year ever for me personally and I just cannot wait to say goodbye to the bitch that was 2013. There just was so much shit happening in 2013 that I hate this year with every ounce of my being. With the financial issues surrounding my current job, so much financial burden being thrust upon on my family with all the work being forced upon us in the apartment and with my father suffering from a mild stroke back in July and the medical bills and crap that he has had to go through. The work in the apartment building – from April till just a few days ago, we’ve been having the bathrooms in the entire apartment building reworked and redone due to faulty & leaky pipes in the building. There were so many delays, shoddy work, re-work, dust and careless stuff just laid by these useless workers that it has caused us so much trouble and stress levels were high.

In the process of remodeling we’ve had so much money spent and it still hasn’t been done well. For so many days they would do some work and then won’t be around for a couple of weeks, leaving us stranded and – so much crap that I don’t want to get into now. Work wise, I am so frustrated that some really good & suitable jobs for me have either come and gone, ones I applied for with no results or a word back while I have to apply for jobs that I don’t really want but really need just to get to the level of payment that I was getting and to get back on my feet. Oh my computer hard drive having lots of issues and me having to replace it, cost me a bit more money than I had anticipated or could afford at the time but I just needed to get it done. And the worst thing is this month of December, with me busting my foot & ankle not once but twice! Last 3 weeks I have had to endure the pain and resting my foot at home and so frustrated when I hurt it again. Well atleast that looks like to be almost over, my foot is much better and I guess in a day or 2 I will be back to 100%. Now we have paint work to be done in the apartment. Well, I am looking forward to that……..NOT! There’s also some other stuff that I can’t talk about, maybe in later posts.

After such a long time I was finally out today, not for much time but just an hours – went to pay my phone bill and my internet bill and stopped to have a coffee in between. A cold one, how much I have missed that. Now for some quiet dinner in the evening and welcome the new year. 2014 can’t possibly be any worse than 2013, can it?

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