Worth The Long Wait?

1 year and 4 months! That’s 16 months, or 485 days (approx). That’s how long I’ve had to wait for a promotion hike. That feels like a very long time to me. And now I finally have the papers to prove that yes, the company is no longer to deny me what I deserve. But I’m not happy with what they have given me.

I was promoted to the current profile back in July 2008. I didn’t get any pay hike at that time. I asked for one and was told that I would get one in September. I didn’t get anything. I expected one in December and was disappointed once again. I voiced out my dissatisfaction to those concerned and was told to wait till April. April came and went and no increase in salary. I was getting frustrated.

In May, I got the news that I’ve been promoted to Assistant Manager and I was elated. The grade change was with effect from the 1st of April – did they just play an April’s fool on me? Where was the money? “Recession” is what I got back as a reply. This and that and about cost cuts. While Managers, DGMs, GMs & VPs traveled & stayed in luxury and carried laptops and expensive clothes. Fucked once again.

In June I was told that I would get a hike only by October’s salary, which I get in hand by November 1st. I was like “What the fuck?” I tried looking out for a new job many times. I came close a few times. A couple of places they laughed at the salary that I was drawing and insulted me. A couple of others I came towards the end but something or the other would cost me the opportunity. I grew more and more depressed.

So finally I have the papers and I know that my salary hike is hitting me in a couple of weeks. But it is much lower that I expected. As I explained I know that I should have a salary correction when I got promoted to this profile and then one more when I became an AM. Plus there is an annual increment based on performance. They lumped all that together. The minimum that I was expecting is Rs.5k more than what I have got. How can I be satisfied?

I can now use this as a building block for my next job. In January I would have completed 3 years in this company and that’s good enough. Time to move to greener pastures.

6 thoughts on “Worth The Long Wait?

  1. BE careful when expressing job dissatisfaction on your blog. They can be watching. My firm also hides behind the recession as a reason for freezing salaries, dumping bonuses and making us work more hours for the same salary (legal loophole) and ironically, they also wave the INDIA solution in our faces because a lot of our jobs have been outsourced there and then tell us we should just be happy to still have jobs.

    I feel your pain.

    I can’t believe mocked and insulted you because of your salary. That’s not professional at all.

  2. Given your experience, when interviewing with another company, I would state that your current salary is slightly lower than what you would expect to get from that new company. As Dave said, it was unprofessional of them to laugh at what you are getting, but more than that, you don’t want to undervalue yourself with a new company – that way, if you are on $25K, but working a $50K job (just figures), then I would tell them that you are getting $47K, but are looking for around $50 or so. See if that works.
    All the best!

  3. Most companies ask for ur current ctc and expected ctc. They also ask us for a recent payslip so that stratergy won’t work.

  4. Many things aren’t fair. I’m going to try to enjoy the raise and see how it goes for a couple of months. January will see a decision being made about my career.

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