Would I Survive No Internet For A Month?

Although a regular user of the internet since 1998, I didn’t have a connection at home until September, 2006. From then I would go once or twice a week to a nearby internet parlour to browse the net and check my email. For a year I also managed an internet club, a very small one with just 4 systems. It wasn’t a success so I quit after a year. By then it was 2000 and the internet cafe charges were a little bit more cheaper, so I went 3 to 4 times to a cafe and spend 2-3 hours there.

I moved to Calicut (about 5 hours from my hometown of Cochin) in 2002 and there I used the net very infrequently due to shortage of cash. The company I had joined has problems and so I was not paid for weeks. In early 2003 I moved back to Cochin and got a steady paying job, if if it wasn’t much, and I went back to using the net 3-4 times a week. This was also the time that my old pc died. As the years went by I used it more and more, settling on using it for 7 to 8 hours during the weekend and an hour or so on workdays. Until I moved to Kacheripady and then I got a new desktop computer and a broadband connection.

Last year I upgraded my connection and for the past almost 4 years I have been online almost extensively, only being offline when the ISP server goes down or there is a cable fault or when I am out of town. But yes I have been without the internet for 3 weeks – this year in May! After my pc died on me, I had to wait 3 weeks to gather the cash and get a new laptop. During that time I went without the internet at home and at work as well. I only checked my mail a couple of times and paid a couple of bills online, maximum spending time online would have been 10 minutes in total.

Never again though. I was so bored outta my brain.

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