Would You Ever Have Plastic surgery?

Considering the fact that I am quite overweight and would want to take care of first and foremost and yeah I am balding so yes a hair fixing is also in order, what other alteration would I opt for if I had the cash and was guaranteed that it would go off without a hitch?

I would opt to have plastic surgery on my nose. I hate my nose it’s so stupid looking. I also have a problem with a deviated septum and hence I can only breathe through one nostril so it would actually also be a wise choice to get that fixed. But other than that I feel that at some point in time I screwed up my nose. Probably during my late teens to early 20 when, bogged constantly by blocked noses and cold, I used to use Vicks inhalers quite a lot to unblock it. I think I just abused that thing left, right and center and hence my nose got bigger. Also there’s this bumpy fat tip of the nose which I’d like to get reduced off.

So shape it, make it more reasonable and not change it in any other way. Yeah, I would do that! And perhaps I should.

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