Do You Visit Psychics or Palm Readers?

Here is my experience with the mumbo jumo known as astrology and palmistry. I have no time for it. People here in India spend crores of ruppees on getting their pal read, their kundali or jadhagam read, their future told and their palms read. No siree not me.

I’ve been asked or rather dared to have my palm read by some guy who was supposed to be good. The skeptic in me refused to back away from the challenge and so I sat with this dude. This must have been when I was 19-20. He read my palm, said a few generic stuff which he got half kinda right and the more specific stuff he got almost everything wrong. He did ask me some details like date of birth and some stuff. He got my birthplace wrong and he got some family details wrong and 20 minutes later me & my friends laughed and went away.

Another time I was invited to try out a free computerized numerology software and astrology software. Similar results. Once my dad & mom had tried to get my future told by some astrology guru but the details were sketchy at best. He said that I would work in the defence sector – he’s wrong and I’m 35 now so I no chance of me ever doing it (unless you count a few years playing a defenceman in football at school)!

He also said that I would live abroad. Now, he had said in the future but he had been told by my parents that we lived in Kuwait and that I was born there. So he was a little right in that aspect. I’m not sure that I will ever go abroad again but he wasn’t specific as to which country or atleast the region. Abroad could also mean Pakistan and who wants to go there? I wasn’t there during the reading so I couldn’t ask him any questions but I told my folks that I didn’t buy his bullshit. This was also around the age of 21-23.
One of the things that excited me about having my future read was one person, who says that he knew about reading people’s future (and some other people attested to this) told me that I would have two wives! I thought he meant that I would get divorced once and then marry another woman but he said no – two wives at once! And I went WTF? And then I went “Atta boy Roshan”

No, no bigamy is a sin. Unless I convert to Islam or Mormonism! No way I’m doing that. I have never been to a psychic. I don’t read horoscopes (or like my cousin Shalini says for me it should be horrorscopes). I don’t believe that the stars influence your life. They are giant balls of gases in the sky. Nice to see when they twinkle in the sky but influence my future

Oh and the best was an old friend Neeba’s dad – though Christians, her mom has had her husband’s (Neeba’s dad) future read by a famous astrologer and he said that he would die by the age of 50. And that he should avoid drinking, driving for long hours, smoking and do a lot of pooja to save his life. Neeba’s dad is an atheist and when he heard this he did the exact opposite – he would drink more often, took up smoking cigars, drove everywhere he went and lived his life happily. He is about to celebrate his 70th birthday and is alive and kicking. And still drinking & driving though not both at the same time.

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