Would You Take The Pill?

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

I’ve seen science fiction concepts of futuristic worlds in which most meals are package little pills or something similarly small like a cube and that has the taste & feeling of different meals. So in effect you could take a pill that is labelled “Steak & veggies” and once you swallow the pill you feel like you have eaten a steak & veggies plate and you feel full but you don’t the taste or texture or the pleasure in touching, smelling, eating, chewing and feeling the food go down into your stomach. What’s the point of that? Just nutrition isn’t everything.

Now, I like the Star Trek concept of food & drink replicators for everybody in which different (and I mean different; all kinds of food that you can imagine and not just Earth food but from most alien cultures that humans have contact with) dishes & drinks are available at the command and the rudimentary material is converted into the desired food & drink with the appropriate taste, texture, feel and smell. So you want a lasagna or a pizza? Just say out what you want into the replicator. You want a particular beer style? Presto! You want some fruits? Done! You want a 6 course meal of the most stylishly prepared foods? No problem! Hunger solved and no time wasted in preparation. However there is an option in the replicators to only get you the ingredients and meat, vegetables and other stuff on command – you can do the cooking yourself if you so wish to! Isn’t that nice, only when you really want to cook do you have to!

That replicator sounds more & more like something we all can use. And better than wasting the time needed to prepare or not having the right ingredients, them replicators can end world hunger!

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One thought on “Would You Take The Pill?

  1. About 10 years ago I would have looooved to have the pill…it would free up so much extra time !!…Yeah and I guess the pill still appeals to me too…simplify life…free up time…travel, play, work and just pop the pill in between..

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