Would You Want A Second Childhood?

Given the chance would you want another crack at childhood, starting your life all over again? Do you have regrets and wrong decisions that you keep referring to in your mind? Milestones in the journey of life that you wish that you go back to and make the changes that you think is needed to make your adult life that much more satisfying & complete & fulfilling!

Maybe you didn’t make enough friends, you didn’t work hard enough at a school, maybe fought with some close friends with whom you have never spoken ever since then? Didn’t get involved in enough activities in high school, you know the kind of stuff that only happens in school & college and may have seemed trivial at the time but now it seems like something you missed out on. Never told that girl in 8th grade that you have an eternal flame burning for her in your heart? And you wish you had another chance at telling her that.

You never did win that sports  trophy for your school because you choked at the last minute? You didn’t spend enough time with your friends? Didn’t do well enough in your studies? Had a crush on a school teacher and you wish you could see her again? Wondering where the golden years went?

2 thoughts on “Would You Want A Second Childhood?

  1. Hell No. I do NOT want to relive my childhood. Nor do I want a different one. Everything that happened made me who I am today. And I like who I’ve become!

  2. That’s a great way to look at it. I however have a lot of regrets. Not that it can actually happen and that I can go back in time. But it would be nice and I would make a lot of changes.

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