Would You Want To Live Forever?

If you were given the choice would you want to live forever? Would I want to? Not in this world.

I have often thought about a world in which humans are much more scientifically advanced, technologically much higher than even the utopia of the Star Trek universe that I am so fond off (but ofcourse that is where I get most of my ideas from). No hunger, no poverty, no injuries, no death, no one dying of illness or being killed. You live forever, always trying to better yourself, learn more, explore more, go beyond the next planet, the next star,  the next galaxy. Discover new elements, new species of life – animals, fish, birds, aliens who are a lot like us. Establish trade and cultural exchanges.

Families who travel in comfortable spaceships between planets for visiting & vacationing, much like we do in cars, buses and airplanes these days. Terraforming other planets for human existence, co-existing with aliens on other worlds. In that kind of life, yes – I would want to live forever!

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