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Let me take you back to 2000. After a 2 year diploma in Computer Science at NIIT and then a 6 months course, which took a year because of issues that the institute had, I realizes that I did not have a future in programming as I didn’t have the knack for it. This had really dawned on me after I completed the project I had completed – yeah that complicated, drawn out battle woke me up and crashed my dreams of that career.

I ended up managing an internet cafe in the early 2000s for a year and then trying to do some marketing for internet concepts and other stuff for a few months and then after a while many people talked to me about joining a call center for either sales or customer care. This led to me applying to a couple of them based in Bangalore but they conducted some of their recruitment drives here in Cochin. At one of them, the guys in the recruitment really wanted me to go to Bangalore for the final interview but I said no as I didn’t want to go and stay there and then not get selected. It was expensive for me and I was broke.

Finally I got a chance to go to Calicut for joining a call center. That last only 8 months due to financial issues for the company and then I joined a small BPO run by a large company in Fort Kochi. This was stable but it was sales and some of the sales were not genuine as the client companies were basically fraud. I then joined the mobile service provider industry as a customer care call rep and then a supervisor and trainer and I was with one process for 3 years and the other for 4. That was my entry into training and I mostly love training.

It’s the corporate nonsense that I don’t like but otherwise I do enjoy what I do.

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