Write About Your First Memory Of Going To The Doctor.

When I was a kid growing up back in Kuwait my parents took me to this pediatrician who was really popular in the city we lived in. His name was Dr. Kamaar and he was originally from Egypt. A lot of kids’ parents took their sons & daughters to see him because he was not just a good doctor but he was very good with kids.

I know it is quite common in kid’s doctor’s offices in the Western world to have lollipops in their drawers and after they consult with a patient, they then ask them to pick a lollipop. It’s not common in India and I do not know how common it was the Kuwait or in other countries but it was a fact in this doctor’s practise. Every kid that I knew who went to him would get excited at the end of the consultation because they knew what was coming.

So even if I was unwell and even if the medicine was bitter, I would have a smile on my face as I was going home because, I would have a nice red lollipop (I think those were the only ones he had) in my hand as my dad took me home. It felt special and it felt nice. From family friends, I came to know that he passed away quite a few years ago. He was middle ages when I used to go and see him. So thanks Doctor Kamaar on behalf of all the kids.

Prompt from Writing & Journaling Prompts Lists at Journal Buddies

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