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I haven’t been able to watch WWE ever since my stupid cable company, Asianet, stopped showing TEN sports channel a few months ago. Even before then, I barely watched a full show of the three banners – RAW, Smackdown & ECW – in the last 2 years.

I used to be a big fan of WWE and I still do like to keep up with the news & pay-per-view event results by clicking on the appropriate page in Wikipedia. However, the whole thing has changed too much for my taste. In recent years, storylines became way more important that the actual wrestling. It’s still entertaining when you have good characters who can mouth off funny lines but unless you back it up with the moves in the ring, it’s not worth watching.

Another issue that I have with WWE is that they seem to be trying to please way too many wrestlers (and consequently each individual wrestler’s fans) – there’s way too many title winners in a year! Too many. I can’t keep up with the changes; it’s like flavour of the month.

Each of the main titles in the 3 shows keep getting changed after 2 or 3 pay-per-view events. In a year either of the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship or the ECW Championship has 4 to 6 Champions in a year. How can you keep up? And they want to please everyone by having a whole lot of wrestlers winning titles.

The recently concluded Night Of Champions had only 2 title holder changes (one of which was Christian who beat Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championships) among the 8 titles on the line but we’ll have a different set of champions in a couple of months. How does one keep up?

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