What bores you?

For the most part, the norm bores me. But I can get comfortable with a routine and even like the familiarity and stability of it but the same thing everyday, day in day out does get to you. It’s nice to shake things up once in a while. I also do not like everyone to have the same interests and the fact that people – or a majority – expect you to like the same things that they do and get upset when you don’t.

I am bored by the staleness of politics and the same old lies, tactics and tricks. Religion bores me even more. Honestly there is nothing more boring than submitting to an overbearing asshole of a supreme being who watches everything that you do and controls everything that happens. Praying to this megalomaniac who demands your obedience and everlasting love and devotion. Sheesh, man get a life you desperate celestial being.

Basic stuff also bores me. Being told that this is popular and this is cool and everyone following fashion like sheep or cattle, prompted to accept stuff without question. Everyone watching or listening or wearing the same stuff, eating the same food and accepting it because that is what you are told. Boring! Bring on some spirit and some individuality and some creative customization. That’s more like it.

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