Year End Traditions

What are your holiday traditions? (Amending that to year end holiday)

Not being Christian or Jewish and not even from a Jewish or Christian family (like a non-religious person) I don’t really have much to do during these days. The end of December is the holiday season as it is know all over – well most of the world. But I usually can expect a few things to happen.

So not really a tradition but I guess I will buy some cake. Usually fruit cake with a bit of icing on it. We end up with 2-3 during the last week of the month or so because dad will get one, I will get one and someone or the other ends up gifting us some. It is shared and eaten during the days from December 23rd till New Year’s Dad. There inevitably will be some win, home made pungent wine, that a Christian family or neighbour will give us. Some of them are terrible but once in a while you get a really good one.

I will only get the 25th and the 1st off from work. We end up eating fried chicken. During this time, we get some chicken legs or something and pan fry them and have them for dinner. I buy some beers and ofcourse there will be vodka. I watch movies a lot. Will usually try to watch a “Christmas movie” – like Gremlins or Home Alone and enjoy some of that cake while I watch it.


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