Yet Another Doctor’s Appointment & More Medicines

Well I went to see the doctor today and after coming back post getting the blood test results, I have more questions than answers. So after yet another blood test, which I did last month and got the results, it is just one thing that is slightly elevated. Not enough to make my rheumatologist worried. He said he would be worried and get me on a course of steroids only if it was 2 points above where it is now. So, he had given me some medicines, one which is new and the other which I have already taken for a month.

Going to the Medical Trust Hospital itself is a task. Last night I had cramps on my left calf while I was sleeping and I woke up jumping outta bed. I tried to walk it off and the pain finally subsided after 15 minutes or so. I then drank some water and went to the washroom as I needed to pee but then I couldn’t get back to sleep. I stayed awake most of the day and only slept for about an hour, fearful of getting another cramp. Good thing I had already booked an appointment.

I got outta bed by 8 am and got coffee after getting my toilet business done. Then I sat, half asleep at my laptop until 9 am when I went to get some breakfast. By 11 I shaved and showered and ironed my shirt and pants. I got late but booked an Uber to get to Medical Trust. I had to wait for maybe 45 minutes before I could see the doctor. I then bought my new medicines, got my blood test results printed out and came by by 3:30 pm to have a late lunch.

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