You Can Never Come Back

The Star Trek Voyager

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episode Ashes To Ashes deals with the return of a dead crew member, Lyndsay Ballard. Ballard died while on an away mission with her friend Harry Kim, in a trap set by the Hirogen. Her corpse was buried in space. However, an alien race known as the Kobali found & revived her. The custom of the Kobali is to procreate by taking corpses of other races, revining them and altering their dna to match that of their own. For 3 years Lyndsay, known now as Jhet’leya, lived with a family that calls her as their daughter.

She wited for the oppurtunity to steal a shuttle and search for Voyager. Finally she meets up with them and once her identify is affirmed, she is welcomed back to her old life by the crew. Ballard tries to catch up and do the things she wanted to do but she notices that her taste buds are too altered for her to like her favourite foods. She also absentmindedly speaks in Kobali when working in Engineering.

download the producers movie watch whisper online sideways online The Doctor treats her in order for her to atleast look human in appearances, as her dna is too far changed for him to make any alterations, but even that is short lived. The Kobali pursue Voyager and demand that they return Jhet’leya back to them. Her Kobali father urges her to come back to him and his family. In the face of confrontation, Ballard understands that her old human life is now gone and that she is Kobali now. She states to Kim that she no longer fits in and is no longer part of Voyager.

So Lyndsay leaves with the Kobalis. And it makes you wonder, do you ever reach a stage where you are no longer part of what you are? DNA altering is the catalyst here in this episode but in real life, do you change so much that you are no longer you, no longer part of your family? It’s a question that I thought about a lot the first time I saw this episode.

2 thoughts on “You Can Never Come Back

  1. It was a great episode – sad for Harry Kim, because you could tell that he really liked her. With respect to changing who you are – I think that depends upon the person. As we grow older, we do sometimes tend to drift away from some of the more concrete relationships that we have established earlier in our lives – but I think that’s only because we develop new ones. We spend less time with our families because we create our own families – marry someone, and have kids, etc – the whole nine yards. Having said that, I do believe that we never forget those bonds that are important – and when they need to come into play, they automatically do – it’s just how they are. Take us for example – we haven’t seen each other since I was last in India – January 2002 – but if I saw you in 5 minutes, I would be talking to you like we met last week – and calling you all sorts of names like we did when we were teenagers!! That’s how life is !

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